London Cheese Project Part 2


Well, we had a blast at the London Cheese Project. Beautiful weather (despite the rain-sodden forecasts) and, more importantly, beautiful, friendly people – customers and traders alike.

There was a wall of cheese…


I gave a talk about how I got started in cheese making and what a difference winning at the Great British Cheese Awards made to the nascent business. And, amazingly, I was applauded at the end…


And the whole family got stuck in with the real business of selling…


Although my daughter Ottilie did spend quite a lot of time selling biscuits for The Fine Cheese Company instead…


Do try and make it next time. It’s ace.


London Cheese Project


We’re getting ever more excited about the London Cheese Project this bank holiday weekend (26th – 28th June). It’s a three-day artisan cheese geek fest at the Geffrye Museum in Hoxton.

To quote from the official website:

Over 30 of the UK’s best cheesemakers, mongers and cheese based street food heros selling and melting the best British Cheese. Including Quicke’s Farm, The Cheese Truck, Blackwoods Cheese Company, Gringa Dairy, Butchies, Mother Flipper, Fen Farm Dairy, Feltham’s Farm, De Luca Mozzarella & Co., Cropwell Bishop, Paxton & Whitfield, Buchanans Cheesemonger, Wildes Cheese, The Old Cheese Room Ltd and much more.

So we’ll be there selling Renegade Monk – and also unveiling a new, limited edition cheese. Rebel Nun is firmer, sharper and bluer than her fraternal companion – come and see which one you like best…


And as if that was not enough, Feltham’s Farm’s very own Marcus Fergusson will be giving a talk on Monday afternoon at 3.30 on how he got started and what it meant to win an award at last year’s Great British Cheese Awards.

It’s a ticketed event with timed entries – so do book now to avoid disappointment!

More shameless promotion…

Yup – and why not?

I feel awkward describing Will Self as a celebrity, renowned though he may be. Cognoscenti, literati, perhaps.

But I have no qualms in posting a snap of him reacting to his first Renegade Monk.

Surprise! Revelation! Horror! You be the judge..


Merry Christmas!


So this is Christmas. And this is our Christmas card, designed by the very brilliant Jem Panufnik ( if you need a good designer…). Apologies if I didn’t manage to actually send you one.

It’s been a hell of a first year.

Four awards:

  • Gold for Best Artisan Soft Cheese in the Global Cheese Awards
  • Runner-up for Best Soft Cheese in the Great British Cheese Awards
  • Silver & Bronze in the World Cheese Awards

We’ve made and sold over 4,000 cheeses – and much more to come next year – with exciting expansion plans.

Thank you for all of your support. Here’s to 2018!

Expansion plans


Very early days – and as Penny frequently reminds me, “There’s many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip”…

But here’s an exciting sneak preview of what our new cheese facility may look like. We’re hoping to build this next year, allowing us to make three cheeses (two are yet to be developed but I have some ideas) and to increase production significantly.

Watch this space!

An Optical Illusion!


A photo taken at our last market of the year in Crewkerne.

Only noticed this later – but love the fact that the sign hanging off the back of our canopy (which you can just about see) looks as if it is a giant billboard across the street.

The power of Renegade Monk!

“A vicious little cheese…”

Telegraph Dec 9 2017 closeup

I have to admit I’m delighted with this review – written by Charlie Turnbull of Shaftesbury’s Turnbulls Deli in the Daily Telegraph (9/12/17).

He was apparently a little worried that I’d be offended with the description – but I think it’s pretty much bang on. Marketing is everything and this certainly grabs the attention.

Pig News


Just born this morning. We have four of these little beauties – all gilts (girls). They’ll grow up to sup on cheese whey.

It’s an integral part of our business. Cheese whey is acidic, meaning we can’t just pour it down the drain or slop it onto the fields. The pigs, however, love it.

Pigs and cheese go together well. Traditionally, Parma ham pigs were raised on Parmesan cheese whey – so what we’re doing makes sound financial sense and is a sustainable solution to what might be a tricky environmental issue.

Better photos will follow but it’s important not to disturb Mum too much at this stage…